Add: 10 Huanqulu, Binhai County Economic & technical development park, Jiangsu, China
Zip code: 224500
Tel:+86-515-87020360 (Sales)
Chairman: Hui Kaibing
Tel: +86-515-84107701
Mobile: 13905118628
Fax: +86-515-84107778


★★ Enterprise spirit: Be honest, practical, strict, creative and overcoming

★★ Style: Be united and efficient, fast responses, aiming to be perfect and number one

★★ Business idea: Seeking for the most profits and longest goal

★★ Sales idea: Satisfying clients, helping traders earning money, developing Xue'R

★★ Service idea: Sincere commitment, service forever, seeking forever

★★ Survival idea: Keep competitive idea and crisis consciousness in our main every time

★★ Management goal: Client's satisfaction, staff's satisfaction, shareholder's satisfaction

★★ Quality idea: Do what customers need and do best

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